Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks for playing!!!

Thank you all for playing! I will leave the items up until 9:30 in case anyone wants to grab any last minute items...

If you can leave what type of clip you would like your bows on alligator or a barrette (please note that mini piggie bows are on alligator clips only)

alligator is best for fine hair or clipping on to headbands, where barrettes are best for girls with lots of hair

I will send out invoices tonight after the game has been completely closed out at 9:30, thank you so much for playing!!

Last one for the night.......for the first 3 comments


Sizes NB-5t $1o for any size

Sizes 6-10/12 $18 for any size

These will ship within 7 days.

you can choose which one you would like and email me

AND..the the second to last one for the night........For the first 5 comments..

Any 2 boutique bows or bottle cap image bows for $10 (reg $17 and up)

Any 4 boutique bows or bottle cap image bows for $20 ( reg $34 and up)

You can look on the website or on facebook and email me your bow choices to

Please note that these will be shipped within 5 days.

Belle Tutu Dress Size 24 mo/ 2t $20 (reg $34.00) Comment #5

worn once for this photo

Little Pumpkin Tutu Dress (comes with bow) will fit sizes 12-24 mo $20 (reg $34.00) Comment #1

Freeeebie...Halloween Bow Comment #5

Item #14 Turquoise Zebra Mini Boutique Bows 3" $4.00 (reg $6.00) Comment #10

And for anyone coming in the middle of the game..or for anyone in general..

you can find previous items by scrolling down and clicking older posts at the bottom

REDO! forgot comment # oops! Item # 10, Light Pink Zebra Mini Boutique Bows $4.00 (reg $6.00) Comment #7

Item # 13 Sister Bows, Can do Lil', Middle & Big $5.50 (reg $8.50) Comments # 2, #4 & #6

Please note that this are not a premade item & will be shipped within 5 days.

Item #12 John Deere Pink & Black $5.50 you choose center (reg $8.50) Comment #2

Item #11 Houstan Texans Bow $5.50 (reg $8.50) Comment #1

Item #9 Breast Cancer Awareness Bow $5.50 you choose the center please leave in comment (reg $8.50) Comment # 4

FREEBIE!! comment #7, Orange Knotty Bow 4"

Item #8 Saints Bow $5.50 (reg $8.50) Comment #6

Item # 7 Girly John deere Bow $5.50 (reg $8.50) Comment #9

Item #6 Turquoise Mini Piggie Bows 2" $1.25 (reg 2.50) Comment #8

Item #5 Light Pink Zebra Piggies 2" $1.25 (reg $2.50) Comment #3

Light Pink & Light Blue Knotty Bows $8.00 (reg $13) Comment #5

Purple & Green Knotty Bows $8.00 (reg $13.00) Comment #6

Item # 3 Hot Pink & Red Knotty Bows $8.00 (reg $13.00) Comment #1

Item #2 White & Black Knotty Bows $8.00 (reg $13) Comment #2

Item # 1 Peony Headband Set $7 (reg $11) Comment #4

just a few reminders

Click under the picture on the "comments" to leave your comment, dont click the picture

leave your paypal address or MO as your comment!

remember to refresh ( or f5 your browser)


How the comment game works... October 6th

How the comment game works:

I will post a picture with an item, the description & the sale price. I will say comment # 1, comment #7 etc...whoever is the comment # wins!! You CAN comment MULTIPLE times to get to the # To comment on the item, dont click the picture, click below picture where it says 0 (or 1 2 depending on how many there are)comments

1)Boutique Bows are not already attached to clips. The winner gets to choose what type of clip the bow will be on. Certain bows, will already be attached to clips, if they are it will be in the description.

2)Shipping is NOT included in the prices. Shipping is calculated as follows: BOWS: 1 item $2.50 and then .15 for each item after that. TUTUS:$3.50 then .15 for each item after that. (meaning if you get tutus and bows, then shipping will be calculated off of the Tutu price, then add .15 for each item after that)

3)Payment is due by Friday. I accept Paypal and money orders. If paying by money order it must be sent out by Friday. If you dont pay, no play. You will not be allowed to participate in anymore games at Mama Made. It is not fair to all of the others who are playing.

4)When you comment to win please leave your PAYPAL ADDRESS or M.O for Money Order (if paying by money order please leave your email on at least one comment so i can contact you). That way I will know that you really do want the item and arent just commenting cute or that you like it but arent playing. ONLY COMMENTS with PAYMENT INFO WILL COUNT!!